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I mainly write about marine animals or species you will find in the Baja California Peninsula, encounters with them, facts, their behavior...

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A bit about sharks in the Baja California Peninsula

Mexico presents a broad biodiversity of shark species, and more than half of them are found in the Mexican Pacific. There are around[…]

Whale shark

Gentle giants: whale sharks (Rhincodon typus)

0% whale and 100% shark, whale sharks are the largest fish in the world, reaching up to 18m (60 ft). Primarily pelagic, they[…]

Female sea lion taking an underwater nap

Sea Lions of the Sea of Cortez

California sea lions (Zalophus californianus) can be found in multiple locations along the Sea of Cortez, in the Baja California peninsula. These charismatic[…]

Green Turtle C59 shipwreck

Sea Turtles of Baja California

Five of the world´s seven marine turtle species are found in Baja California. From these five, the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) and the[…]

Gray whale spyhoping

Gray Whales´s history

This month, Gray whales started arriving on the Pacific coast of Baja California. They migrate annually from their winter feeding grounds in Alaska,[…]