Baja California natural wonders

Blenny hiding in the coral reef

Reconnecting with nature

The natural world offers us a continuous source of inspiration and wonder. Reconnecting with nature is key to conservation and our well-being. Living away from it can make us forget how amazing our planet is. Swimming among countless fish, playing with sea lions, riding a boat surrounded by wild dolphins, seeing playful whales breaching, flying between massive mobula rays aggregations…These experiences make us feel more alive and connect us with the natural world.

Baja California Peninsula

Here, in the Baja California Peninsula nature is at its best, offering us amazing wildlife encounters in the middle of breathtaking scenery.

The Gulf of California or Sea of Cortez on the east, a young sea where we can find an array of islands and coral reefs. On the west side, the Pacific Ocean, a powerful mass of water where big migrations and feeding events take place. Both make Baja a hot spot for marine life.

Right next to the sea, sierras form the spinal cord of the peninsula, and are home to many different plants and land animals: from reptiles, to birds and mammals as iconic as the puma or the coyote.

Many endemic species live in the Peninsula due to its reduced communication from the rest of the continent.

We aim to take you back to nature, showing you its untamed beauty and connecting with the animals that inhabit the wild. So what better place than this Peninsula? Explore, learn, and live adventures that will stay with you forever! Scuba diving among sea lions or beautiful reefs, exploring the Sea of Cortez looking for whales, snorkeling with hundreds of rays that glide in the water…

In the following video you can see a bit of what is out there to experience. Just press play and enjoy, discover Baja California natural wonders.

Meet the locals

Many different animals populate land, sea, and air in this beautiful Peninsula.

I try getting photos from all and love learning more about them. You can read about some of the animals that inhabit the marine ecosystems of the region in the column I write in the local newsletter The Ventana View: The Sea Around Us

You can also check the blog for some of the wildlife stories under Baja California Wildlife.

Here, I will keep writing articles about the fauna that populates this beautiful region.

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